LiveSky - Ready to fly - tether-powered UAV -

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ScreenHunter_3879 Jul. 15 23.22.jpg

LiveSky - Ready to fly - tether-powered UAV -

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• Ruggedized quadcopter with ground power kit with enelosure
AC  powered tether system for  very long times aloft
Wide-area coverage with standard tether height of 150  feet
Full  1080p 60fps HO  video with encrypted transmission
360  degree eraft/camera rotation, PTZ w/1Ox optical zoom
Brushless stabilized gimbal for  reduced viewing fatigue
Handheld wireless remote control
Easy to transport, easy to setup, quick to deploy
Vehicle mounting and  "follow me"  mode available
Weather proof enelosure for  temporary or permanent installation

  Enhanced Safety

Advanced flight control technology with auto takeoff/landing
Backup battery for  emergency landing in case of power loss
Continuous in-flight diagnostics and  monitoring
Vented design for  cool operation of electranies
Impact resistant canopy, ruggedized carbon and  ABS construction