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France local: Atos moves in as trailblazer with a new offer to enhance the drone value chain

Press release

Le Bourget France, 17 June 2015

Atos, an international leader in digital services, presents its know-how in civilian professional drones and Bull technologies for the protection of sensitive areas at the International Air Show in Le Bourget, June 15 - 21, 2015.

As legislation moves forward, the civilian professional drone sector in France is on the up and up, across a range of areas: media, industry, public services, agriculture etc. The civilian drone sector has now reached a turning point, as players struggle to meet the expectations of major buyers. Civilian drones are also now playing a much heightened role in the protection of territory, defense, transport and industry. Their increasing numbers, their discretion, size and the simplicity of their operation, however, do entail certain risks. It is in this context that the Bull experts working at Atos have developed a ground-breaking solution to create a protective shield for areas vulnerable to drones.

Atos is industrializing and extending the entire drone value chain

Thanks to its expertise in spatial systems and work in close cooperation with its partners over the last 15 years with the main French and European earth observation entities (SPOT Image now AIRBUS DS Geo, CNES, ESA), Atos has the capacity to extend and industrialize the entire drone value chain. Atos is approaching customers with a unique offer to enable them to secure immediate benefits in terms of quality, security, costs, rapid deployment, and products built to last.

Atos has entered into and intends to pursue partnerships with players in the drone sector to produce a turnkey offer: consultancy and deployment in SAAS mode, including flight authorizations from the French civil aviation authority, collection of information picked up by drones, and analysis and correlation in real time with other earth observation data sources to provide results and innovate with new services and usages beyond the present scope of the profession.

Atos is capitalizing on its capacity for innovation, especially Cloud & Big Data, already deployed on recent projects: the SparkIndata consortium, a platform federating earth observation data sources (agriculture, town planning, security, climate, health etc.); datalift, a management solution for massive flows of heterogeneous data to administer and upgrade drone sector data and assist with the emergence of new ecosystems.

Bull technologies to protect sensitive areas against drone risks

The Bull solution aims to protect against two types of drone risk:

  • Infringement of confidentiality: images of industrial secrets, private life etc.
  • Physical risks to people and vital infrastructures, in the case of drones with offensive equipment.
    When the area to be protected has been defined (buildings, monuments, events etc.), it takes only a few minutes to install the electronic surveillance equipment.
    The Bull solution scans the area permanently, automatically pinpointing threats and threat levels by radio waves across a broad spectrum.

As soon as a threat is detected, the solution can act on the drone in two ways:

  • It forces the drone to land, enabling the law enforcement authorities to conduct the necessary investigations on the basis of data carried by the drone.
  • The Bull solution can also force the drone to retrace its steps, giving the authorities an insight into the geographic and human origins of the threat.

This ground-breaking, fully reliable system was produced thanks to the experience of Bull engineers in security, which has helped create intelligent jamming solutions for remote-controlled explosive devices, for example.