June 9, 2015 

 The first drone entertainment show: AIR 2015

No one needs to  be told that drones have become quite popular and are developing at an incredible pace. But who would’ve thought there would be another drone entertainment show, and at such short notice too? The show will be staged in the Amsterdam Arena, in the autumn of this year.

Tech-lovers will no doubt enjoy a spectacular night out. However, drones are still plagued by safety issues. Perhaps pre-programmed drones are more safe than those flown by human-beings?

In 2012, the drones performed all of their tricks on stage. The Air 2015 promo video would have us believe that this time the drones will have access to the entire stadium – although perhaps they won’t fly above the crowds.

It  would be quite the achievement to fill off the arena with tech-lovers; in all likelihood the drones will stick to the turf. 

The video below is an example of a drone show. Air 2015 looks to be a spectacular show!