Different types of incidents, crashes with drones.

This page is not about the ethical side of drones but to list types of incidents, crashes, issues with drones to learn about it. 
To show the positive side as the negative side of drones as well, we hope to contribute to a more realistic image of drones. 

our Initiative

Public acceptance is key to the growth of drone services.
Therefore we need to create a safe environment for people, animals and objects, when flying with drones.
Before we can create a safe environment we need to know the risks and issues.
Therefore Drone Innovation starts an initiative: share and build a risk database.
The risk database is an inventory of situations involving exposure to danger. 

Drone Risk Database

The risk database will be public. We invite you to share your knowledge and build with us the 'drone risk database'.
For your effort we will list your name or company name on the hall of fame (for fun).

This is how you can contribute:
1. Use the form to send your risk or issue to us.
2. We will add your risk or issue to the database
3. Because we appreciate your effort you will be listed on the hall of fame.

Please help us (and yourself) for safe flying.

Go to the risk database

If you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions on our risk database, please contact us




Animals are unpredictable

Flight failures